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Whenever a national team or club team fails to score in a major competition, every fan who pays attention to Chinese football will think-why can't we cultivate outstanding local players? Where is the way out for Chinese football? The answer is that there is a problem with talent training! We must train good local players (train the elite).


In the next ten years, on the basis of clarifying the status quo, how to establish a sound selection system? How to choose the development direction according to the characteristics of Chinese players? How to build a diversified platform for "leveling" from youth training to becoming a first-class player in Asia? These are all questions to find the correct answer.


Although the youth training of Chinese football is lacking, it is not a blank paper. In the last issue of the topic of youth training, we introduced the “five systems in one, two hearts and one game” model of youth training developed by the Chinese Football Association. I believe It will play an important role in the popularization of football in my country and the promotion of football population in the future.


But for the development and improvement of football in a country,


Zhang Tao is Luneng's 05-year-old head coach. He has cultivated generations of outstanding players from Wang Yongpo to He Xiaoke. He deeply understands:


However, Xu Genbao, who first cultivated Wu Lei, does not think Wu Lei is a so-called elite.


Any sport,


The world's football powers attach great importance to the early selection of talented athletes. They have a set of comprehensive selection criteria including physical fitness, tactical awareness, psychological quality, and spiritual quality suitable for their own athletes. Professionals are responsible for the selection. However, the current football player selection system in my country is not complete, and it is difficult to establish a national-based selection index system for outstanding football players. In the next ten years, improving this situation will be the focus of Chinese football youth training and elite training.


The good news is that the Chinese Football Association has begun to conduct theoretical research on this weak link. They have concentrated their efforts to organize domestic and foreign experts, scholars and elite coaches to jointly write the "Chinese Football Association Youth Training Outline" (hereinafter referred to as the outline). Establishing selection criteria is also one of the purposes of compiling the outline. Combining theoretical research with practice is the top priority of the elite training program.


First of all, we should build a scouting network with a certain scale to prevent the loss of good seedlings. For example, the naturalized player Alan, who performed well in an ordinary football match in a small town when he was a child, happened to be seen by the logistics staff of a professional club, who introduced him to the club. In China, players like Alan probably have no chance of being discovered.


Therefore, it is an important task to establish a scout network and train scouts who can select excellent seedlings. Three years ago, at the Third Membership Conference of the Tenth Chinese Football Association, the Chinese Football Association planned to invite about 100 famous national football coaches and athletes to be "scouts" or teachers serving campus football. "We plan to arrange two or three groups in one group, spread over most cities. We are determined to do this job well." Li Yuyi, then vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, mentioned.

因此,建立侦察员网络并培养能够选择优良苗木的侦察员是一项重要的任务。三年前,在第十届中国足球协会第三次会员大会上,中国足球协会计划邀请约100名国家足球教练和运动员成为校园足球的“童军”或教师。 “我们计划将两个或三个小组分成一组,分布在大多数城市。我们决心做好这项工作。”时任中国足协副主席的李玉仪提到。

Second, establish a data management system for the youth training center as soon as possible. Let the youth training coaches of various institutions fill in and enter important information according to the database template set by the system, and then review the entered information through cooperation with public security agencies or sports medical institutions. In the basic stage (2-3 years), the basic information (training data, game data, basic personal information of players, personal bone age information) of young players receiving youth training across the country should be entered into the system; in the 2.0 era (completed within 10 years), strive to do To scientifically analyze the personality characteristics of the athletes based on the test data and combine the needs of Chinese football to retain good seedlings.


Good seedlings are like uncut jade, which can only be turned into objects after polishing and carving. And at what age is the most suitable for the dolls to accept "polishing"? Naturally, the sooner the better. Now the enlightenment of Japanese teenagers has been advanced to 3-5 years old, and they began to receive football training and football culture in the kindergarten stage. A coach from Luneng Football School said:


So "Football should start from the baby" will always apply to the training work of this project. Chinese football also divides the football enlightenment stage into the age of five and below in the "Academic Training Program", and advocates early learning, early education and early feeling.


The following is the Chinese Football Association, in view of the growth and school learning stages of Chinese youths, as well as international youth football matches and many other reasons, the age stage is divided into enlightenment stage (U5), basic stage (U6-U12), development stage (U13-U16) and improvement. In the transitional stage (U17-U21), the four stages are set to achieve goals for technical ability, tactical ability, physical ability, mental ability, and social ability, and lay a good foundation step by step to cultivate qualified successors of professional football.

以下是中国足协,鉴于中国青少年的成长和学习阶段,以及国际青少年足球比赛等诸多原因,年龄亚搏手机版app下载阶段分为启蒙阶段(U5),基础亚搏手机版app下载阶段(U6-) U12),开发阶段(U13-U16)和改进。在过渡阶段(U17-U21),设定四个阶段以实现技术能力,战术能力,身体能力,智力能力和社交能力的目标,并逐步培养良好的职业足球接班人基础。

But for elite training,


But what about our players? Statistics show that on average, Chinese youth players have 200 fewer games than Europe and the United States. This is why the U23 players in China are "juniors". Although they are in their early twenties, they still need to pay off the debts for the "300" high-quality games that should be completed in their youth. Therefore, in the future, the Youth League will be further submerged in various cities and regions across the country. The importance of setting up a youth league hierarchy is self-evident. In ten years, every young player who has the opportunity to be promoted will play 300. High-quality games over the field.

但是我们的球员呢?统计数据显示,平均而言,中国青年球员的比赛数量少于欧美国家。这就是为什么中国的U23选手是“初中生”。尽管他们在20年代初,但仍需要还清应该在青年时代完成的“ 300”优质游戏的债务。因此,将来,青年团将进一步淹没在全国各个城市和地区。建立青年联盟等级制度的重要性不言而喻。在十年内,每位有机会晋升的年轻球员都将参加300场比赛。

Only by playing more games can you find the stars, as Li Yuyi said:


In the "Syllabus for Youth Training", relevant parties have made an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the five basic abilities of Chinese players in terms of technical ability, tactical ability, physical ability, mental intelligence, and social ability. Whether it is selecting players or teaching students in accordance with their aptitude in teaching, This is a document of great reference value.


Among them, the flexibility of thinking is high, the performance of physical flexibility is good, the absolute strength and explosive force are strong, the displacement speed is fast, and the spirit of hard work and hard work; in the case of confrontation, the rationality of the use of technology is poor, the 1V1 ability is poor, and the ability to use the body reasonably is poor. ..... Seems to see the "profile" of Wu Lei, a Chinese player studying abroad.

其中,思维的灵活性高,身体的柔韧性好,绝对力量和爆发力强,位移速度快,吃苦耐劳的精神;在对抗的情况下,技术使用的合理性差,1V1能力差,而合理使用身体的能力差。 .....似乎看到了出国留学的中国选手吴磊的形象。

For example, in the match against Real Madrid last season, Wu Lei's speed on the flank left a deep impression on his opponents. However, apart from accelerating and shifting in 1V1, there is basically no display of Wu Lei's technical movements. This is quite a big contrast with Japanese player Jiu Jianying.


The advantages of Wu Lei benefited from Xu Genbao's selection system. Xu Genbao used to emphasize three principles: speed, style, and technology, but now it has been refined into four criteria: character, technology, physique and consciousness. To be more specific: character depends on the face, technology depends on the sense of the ball, physical fitness depends on the speed, and consciousness depends on the brain. Among them, speed is a very important part. He deeply realized that without speed, it is impossible to become the darling of modern football. Wu Lei was also relying on his forward penetration speed, which was difficult for defensive players to catch up with after the start, and stood up in Spain.


However, Wu Lei's 1V1 performance in La Liga is not strong, and there are problems that cannot be displayed after the confrontation, which needs to be addressed in the youth training of Chinese football.


Going to Europe to stay abroad is an ideal that every aspiring Chinese player must have. Only when he arrives at the center of world football can he have a chance to get his name right.


In the next ten years, we must first remove "weeds" from overseas gardens. In the past few years, under the glitz of Jin Yuan, we have seen too many “gold-plated” behaviors abroad. It can even be said that the players who went out at the age of 17 and 18 and returned on the U23 New Deal had “commercial purposes”. Because according to common sense, 17 and 18 years old should be the most unreasonable age to study abroad. Players in this age group who are still playing in China are at a time when there is the biggest gap with the more "premature" foreign players, and there is no "capital care". Under the circumstances, basically don't want to play the game, unless it is a genius. So when is the most suitable time to stay abroad?


One is that the sooner you travel to Europe, the better. For example, He Zhenyu, who was born in 2001, went to the UK with his parents when he was 11 years old, and then joined the local youth training organization. He has been playing in the Wolves echelon team. The coach evaluated his shooting skills. Superb, showing the technical advantages of Chinese players; at the same time, He Zhenyu did not suffer physically in the game. Compared with domestic players of the same age, He Zhenyu's advantages can be clearly felt.


The second is that like Wu Lei, Fan Zhiyi, Zheng Zhi, Sun Jihai and other overseas pioneers, after gaining confidence in self-righteousness in China, they will go to Europe to find opportunities for further improvement.


It is no exaggeration to say that whether Chinese football can develop in the future can be seen from the number and quality of overseas players.


However, while advocating studying abroad, fans should not raise their expectations too high, and shouldn't speak ill of the players after they fail to reach their "illusions" and score players' confidence. There are not only five major leagues in Europe. Many medium-sized leagues also have good quality. Chinese players and fans do not necessarily set the initial goal on the five major leagues.


For example, Park Ji-sung, he went to Eindhoven first, and then to Manchester United; Sun Xingmin went to the Hamburg Youth Training Camp at the age of 16; Honda Keiyou went to CSKA Moscow first, and then went to AC Milan; and Kagawa Shinji, Nagatomo Yudu waited, they didn't make it to the sky in one step; what reason do we have to ask Wu Lei to become a top scorer in La Liga?


"The general law of football development is gradual and orderly progress, not seeking fame, but actually considering the future of the players."-This applies to every young player with lofty ambitions, and also applies to the career of cultivating stars for Chinese football Every practitioner who struggles.


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