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Tiger Fight, October 13 According to a report by Samuel Luckhurst, a reporter from the Manchester Evening News, even though Pogba has publicly stated that he wants to join Real Madrid, Manchester United players still believe in and support him.

猛虎扑灭,10月13日据曼彻斯特晚报记者塞缪尔·勒克赫斯特(Samuel Luckhurst)报道,尽管波格巴公开表示希望加入皇马,但曼联球员仍然相信并支持他。

On October 8, when Pogba attended the French national team press conference, Pogba said: "I am still at Manchester United today. I enjoy myself very much. I am working hard to make the club a better place. In the position. Just like my teammates, I will try my best to focus on football and health recovery. I have not talked to the club about renewing my contract. I look forward to a dialogue with the club soon. Real Madrid is the dream of all players , This is also a dream, this is a dream for me, why not go there one day."


Pogba had a terrible performance in the team's 1-6 home defeat to Tottenham. A few days later in the national team, he announced his intention to join Real Madrid, but he still received the support of the Manchester United locker room.


Pogba's popularity in the Manchester United locker room has not diminished because of this remark, and the Red Devils players still believe that he is the club's best player.


In February and March before the outbreak, Pogba’s close friends at Manchester United believed that Pogba should be allowed to leave the team. This is in the interests of the players and the team to maximize the interests of the players. The focus of Geba's thinking is indeed not at Manchester United.


This sudden epidemic killed any chance of Pogpasha’s transfer. The French also performed very well after returning from injury in June.


Pogba tested positive for the new crown in August and returned to the team to participate in pre-season training nine days before Manchester United's home loss to Crystal Palace. Pogba, like most of his teammates, performed poorly in Manchester United's three league games, and some fans called for it to be sold.


A senior person at Manchester United revealed that Pogba has been highly praised by players and team staff, but his agent Raiola admitted that he regretted not being able to operate Pogba to Real Madrid last year. The senior management of Manchester United generally believed that Raiola played an important role in Pogba's decision.


Pogba said last summer: “This is a good time to accept challenges in other teams.” While Raiola said in an interview with the “Republic” in January this year that he would not bring anyone to Manchester United now. . In mid-February, Raiola tried to divorce the relationship between Pogba and Soshuai on social media, but did not succeed.

波格巴去年夏天说:“现在是接受其他球队挑战的好时机。”莱奥拉(Raiola)今年1月在接受“共和国”采访时说,他现在不会带任何人到曼联。 。 2月中旬,赖奥拉(Raiola)试图通过社交媒体离婚波格巴(Pogba)和索帅(Soshuai)之间的关系,但没有成功。

Real Madrid did not buy anyone in the summer window this year. This summer’s frugality may make Real Madrid in the summer window next year do something like a galaxy again, because Pogba and Paris star Mbappe’s contract will have one year left. Pogba’s contract currently has one year left, but Manchester United has a one-year extension of the club option, which is expected to trigger in the next few months.


In March of this year, Raiola said that he wanted to run a star to join Real Madrid, and Real Madrid coach Zidane is a team that likes Pogba. So the handsome is angry that Zidane publicly tried to interfere with Pogba last year.


In 2016, Zidane lobbied Real Madrid chairman Florentino to compete with Manchester United for Pogba, but was rejected by the latter. In the end, Pogba joined Manchester United with a £89 million transfer fee. Pogba's original idea was to go to Real Madrid, but Raiola suggested that he return to Manchester United first, and then move to Real Madrid 3 years later.

2016年,齐达内游说皇马主席弗洛伦蒂诺与曼联竞争波格巴,但遭到后者的拒绝。最后,波格巴以8900万英镑的转会费加盟曼联。 Pogba的最初想法是去皇家马德里,但是Raiola建议他先回到曼联,然后在三年后移居皇家马德里。



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